Celebrating First E&P at 8 with our future leaders

"I joined FIRST E&P in 2018 as a graduate intern. I came into the process pretty nervous because I was fresh out of NYSC and unsure about what to expect. Soon after my first full day at work, I realized there was nothing to be worried about. The management team at FIRST E&P was, and still is, dedicated to teaching me how to be successful on the job, and they have always been open to hearing from the young members of staff, myself included. All of this has me made me feel welcome. Happy 8th Anniversary to FIRST E&P"
"I joined FIRST E&P in 2018 as a graduate intern. At FIRST E&P I have grown in confidence and learnt a significant amount in a very short time. Happy 8th anniversary to a great company! Here's to many more years!"
"I joined FIRST E&P as a Graduate Intern in 2018. In my two years here growing as a competent contributor on the Engineering and Capital Projects Team, I have enjoyed a well-rounded development journey owing to the “integrated multi-discipline team” approach to work encouraged at FIRST E&P. Cheers to our 8th, and to all the brighter years ahead!’"
"I joined FIRST E&P in 2017 as a Graduate Trainee. Over the last 3 years, I have enjoyed the opportunity to work within a multi-cultural environment, developing relationships with suppliers and external stakeholders. I have been able to use the experience to strengthen my interpersonal skills and deepen my understanding of the larger industry"
"I joined FIRST E&P in 2015 as a Graduate Intern. FIRST E&P has provided me with an enabling environment to develop myself . This has afforded me the opportunity to provide technical inputs in guiding management whilst making key business decisions that turned out to be indeed productive. The past 5 years of my career with FIRST E&P has been ultimately rewarding. Happy 8th Anniversary FIRST E&P!"
"I joined FIRST E&P as a Graduate Intern in 2018. The past 2 years have been rewarding working with the Production Operations team. I have been given countless opportunities to take ownership of different tasks within a cohesive team which allows my voice to be heard, this has helped my professional development. Happy 8th anniversary FIRST E&P, here’s to many more great strides!!!"

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