The development of the Anyala and Madu fields involves the design, fabrication and installation of two Conductor Supported Platforms (CSP). The wellhead satellite platforms will be normally unmanned with production operations largely automated. The CSPs will produce into an FPSO –which will also serve as the power plant, production facility and field control center. The FPSO will have control and monitoring oversight of the platform through SCADA telemetry enabled by single model dual fibre optic cores. Subsea flowlines, umbilicals and risers (SURF) connect the satellite platform to the FPSO which run cross field and span up to 20km.

The CSP is a minimum facilities platform that uses drilling conductors to both support the topside structure and to act as casing for well construction. 100% of the construction will be completed here in Nigeria. The platform was designed to be modular to allow for early delivery of the subsea structures and drilling module which enable drilling to commence while the topside module remains under construction. FIRST E&P has leveraged on this technology to fast track drilling of planned development wells at Anyala field within Oil Mining Lease 83 in the shallow offshore region of Nigeria.

The CSPs have incorporated splitter well head technology to optimise the number of wells that can be drilled from the platform. With four outboard legs and one central conductor, the platform is able to produce 10 wells with associated piping, manifolds and export risers that will send produced oil and gas to the neighbouring FPSO.

Installation of the CSP Subsea Structures, Conductor piles and Drilling Deck Module (DDM) were completed in September with a jack up rig- Natt. Piles were driven to a record depth in Nigeria of 113m below mudline. Structures were grouted in place and the heavy lift of the DDM from a supply vessel was conducted by the Natt rig successfully. Batch drilling has commenced on the platform which will see production from 5 wells on start-up.

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