The SURF infrastructure on the Anyala/Madu project comprises of:

  • Subsea umbilicals,
  • Subsea flexible risers and flow lines,
  • Rigid pipelines,
  • Subsea arch

The Anyala West platform is connected to the FPSO, approximately 100m away, by flexible risers for crude production and gas lift purposes. The Madu platform ties back to the FPSO, approximately 20km away, via a combination of flexible flowlines and rigid pipelines.

The umbilicals serve as a carrier for power and fibre optic cables, as well as hydraulic hoses. This enables transmittal of power supply and control signals from the FPSO to the unmanned platforms.

The subsea arch serves as a support structure to secure the flexible risers and umbilicals. This largely eliminates environmental and hydrodynamic forces that could cause fatigue and damage of the risers and umbilicals.

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